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Supported Employment in Kentucky

The idea behind Supported Employment is the belief that every individual is capable of working competitively in the community when the right kind of job and work environment is found. Supported Employment provides individuals comprehensive supports to work successfully in the community with local businesses. Supports include career planning and assessment, job development, on-site job coaching, and long-term assistance to maintain employment with career growth. Our staff work closely with the individual, family, and community support agencies to boost the individual’s success and independence at work and in the community.

Supported Employment Services Support:

  • The freedom to earn competitive wages and other benefits
  • Continued training and support services to improve the quality and maintain employment
  • Increased community participation opportunities
  • Continued career exploration, job placement and training to promote career change and growth

Service plans are tailored to suit the needs of each individual client. The core philosophy of Supported Employment is that all individuals can work at competitive jobs in the community and no one should be excluded from this opportunity.

A better way to care

Residential Level I Services

Residential Level I homes or Staffed Residences provide individuals with the opportunity to live in a more personal environment than those provided in group homes or residential care facilities. A staffed Residence is located in a residential area, looks like any other home, is usually staffed 24 hours but that varies according to an individual’s needs and can have three housemates living together. The staff is trained specifically to support each person in the home and to respect the staffed residence as the individual’s home.

A staffed residence is NOT a group home. A staffed residence allows an individual to become more independent and receive assistance with activities of daily living, meal preparation, transportation, medication administration, community inclusion and much more! It is a description of how individuals with developmental disabilities are able to live in the community.

Meeting each individual’s needs to allow them to live in the community just like anyone else is our goal. It requires a focus on each individual we serve, taking the time and effort to get to know them, get to know the unique things that define them and then supporting them as they live in the community and follow their own path in life–just like the rest of us.

Residential Level II or Family Home Provider (FHP)

Family Home Provider services provide a family type environment for individuals looking to be supported in a family type environment. Individuals are included in every aspect of daily life from shopping, holidays, and family vacations. This is a family home and family can look many different ways. This could be a single man or woman, a married couple, a family with or without children and or pets. They could live in an apartment the middle of a city or on a farm in the country.

As always, all Finck services are person centered and the Family Home Provider service allowed us to be even greater level. Living in a family setting ensures continuity of care and consistency compared to a service that has rotating staff working in shifts.

Staffing in a Family Home Provider can look many different ways and can be up to 24 hours per day, or as little as 8 hours per day. A person supported in FHP can be as independent as they want to be and can be. They can be assisted to learn all aspects of daily life while being included in typical family routines. 

Community Access

Finck Supported Living Services provides Community Access which is designed to support a person to become involved in clubs and organizations including recreational, educational, religious, civic and volunteer opportunities with an outcome of less reliance on formal supports and more on natural supports such as neighbors, friends, and church members.

Personal Assistance Services

Finck Supported Living Services is interested in providing the highest quality care possible and to assist individuals and their family members in meeting that person’s needs. Personal Assistance Services enables an individual to accomplish tasks that the person would normally do for themselves if the person did not have a disability. Personal Assistance can be provided to a participant that lives in their own residence or in the participant’s family residence, and can include hands-on assistance, reminding, observing, guiding, or training a participant in activities of daily living, assisting a participant in managing the participant’s medical care including making appointments and accompanying the participant to the medical appointments, and transportation.

Community Living Supports

Finck Supported Living Services provides Community Living Supports to Michelle P Waiver Recipients.  Community Living Supports are provided to foster independence and promote integration into the community for a recipient residing in his/her own home or his/her family’s home.  The recipient will be supported in areas related to chosen outcomes and not be diversional in nature.  This may include routine household tasks and maintenance, activities of daily living, personal hygiene, shopping, money management, medication management, socialization, relationship building, leisure choices, participation in community activities, and therapeutic goals. 

If you are interested in becoming a Family Home Provider...

Please contact us by clicking the “I’m Interested!” button below. This will take you to an e-form to fill out. Explain in the form what it is about being a Family Home Provider that interests you, a little bit about yourself and your living situation, and how a person might fit in with you. This will get the process started!