Finck Services of Kentucky

Our History

Finck & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Jonathan D. Finck, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, as a small private practice making house-calls in rural Missouri. A farm boy from Audrain County, he understood the importance of having mental health services readily available to rural citizens. Over time, the practice grew into a clinic providing clients both house-calls and office visits.

In 1999, Finck & Associates, Inc. began offering mentoring and parent aide services across Missouri. The business quickly became a leader in providing community-based wraparound interventions and gained valuable experience in this area. To broaden services, Finck & Associates, Inc., began offering behavioral assessment and intervention services in 2001. This joined together behavioral techniques with an educational assessment to bridge between school and family.

Finck & Associates, Inc. began providing individualized education interventions in 2003. Certified teachers and educational specialists conducted assessments and then constructed individualized education plans to assist children in reaching their educational goals.

For several years, Finck & Associates, Inc., contracted with a variety of residential treatment facilities to provide a community-based wraparound approach to their client families. Our professionals worked with clients in St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, Jefferson City, Springfield, Joplin and nearly everywhere in between.

In Gasconade County Finck & Associates, Inc, worked together with the local DMH administrative agent to provide free counseling, mentoring, and parent aide services to fill a gap left by the financial collapse of a local provider.

In 2005, Finck & Associates, Inc. began our most successful and rewarding efforts when we established our first two Individualized Supported Living homes (ISL’s) for Missouri’s Division of Developmental Disabilities–one ISL in Mexico and one in Fulton. In ISL homes, up to four people live together in a family environment, learning life skills while residing in the community. These individuals may work at sheltered workshops, attend day programs or hold jobs with businesses in the community. Our Program Assistants provide support by helping with medication, teaching life skills like shopping, cooking and cleaning, and also assisting with transportation. Providing these services allows the individuals to live in communities rather than institutions. We currently have homes in Mexico, Fulton, Columbia, Holt’s Summit and Sedalia, an apartment program in Fulton and a group home in New Bloomfield, Missouri. We changed our name to Finck Supported Living Services to better reflect our focus and commitment to providing stable, healthy living options to the residents of Missouri.

Additionally, Finck Supported Living Services provides personal aids to people living in their own homes or with family. Personal aides typically provide support during the day or evening and assist with the person’s objectives for daily living. We also recruit, train and support Shared Living Homes.

In 2015 we began supporting individuals in Frankfort and Lexington, Kentucky, with supported living homes, community access support and supported employment services.

We celebrate our 30th anniversary in 2024 as well as 19 years of providing supported living services to individuals in the community. We look forward to serving Missouri, and Kentucky communities in the years ahead.